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Personalized Meditation

Guided visualization meditations
created especially for you by Valorie Renée

Valorie Renee Topaz Visions Gendai Reiki Shihan
Valorie Renée
Gendai Shihan /
Reiki Master Level
Teacher & Practitioner /
Spiritual Coach /
LOVE Coach /
Grief Educator

Transform your self and your life with my customized meditations created for your specific intention or purpose to support you in healing and shifting your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

No meditation experience or even belief in a benefit in meditation is necessary, only a real desire for change and a willingness to listen to an audio recording every day.

You receive:

    A guided visualization meditation specific to your intention or healing need
    Reiki healing energy transmitted during the meditation to further assist healing and clearing on a vibrational energy level across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being
    An audio .MP3 recording delivered by email or download to listen to every day or as often as you need

Like a finely tailored suit that fits well because it is precisely made for you, my personalized meditations are created to take you where you need and want to go. We begin with a questionnaire, followed by a live, brief phone call or zoom meeting to discuss your intention. Then I write and record a guided meditation specifically for you that becomes a tool for you to utilize in your transformative healing journey.

Having begun the new year, what is it you would like to expand or change within in order to move in to a deeper state of being and embodiment of peace, joy, and LOVE at your core and in your heart? Would you want to:

    • Restore and support wellness on all levels during health challenges or crises,
    • Reprogram limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs and patterns,
    • Reach your goals and objectives,
    • Revitalize your self and your visions and dreams,
    • Renew your self and your purpose, and
    • Recreate your self or your life in a way meaningful and purposeful to you.

The choice is yours. The topic for focus is unlimited.

Let's do this together! ~ ~ ~ I'm happy to assist you with this beautifully tailored tool for your healing and spiritual growth!

Personalized Guided Meditation ~ $250
Visit my Square shop to order: purchase here. Thank you!

Get ready to align and balance your energy and call in your best YOU as you step more fully in to your beautiful heart and awesomeness!

I also offer individual, in-person and distance sessions, for anyone who wishes individual energy treatments for further support.